Business Services

Finding Japanese Partners 

Japan has a consumer market with a very high level of freedom. Compared to other countries, it’s generally trivial for a Japanese company to release a product onto the Japanese market. However, if a foreign company wishes to release a product onto the Japanese marketplace, they must overcome a variety of difficulties including language barriers, the difference in business manners, a vastly different accounting system, different business style, infrastructure, logistics, and adjusting and localizing their product for the Japanese market. 

Of particular difficulty is adjusting a product to meet the particularly high standards and favored design style of the Japanese consumer. A Japanese partner isn’t only responsible for putting your product on the Japanese market, they also serve the immensely important role of making your product something that will sell on the Japanese market. 

For a non-Japanese company having a Japanese partner is vital to a smooth entry into the Japanese market. We consider finding and matching the ideal partners for foreign and Japanese companies one of our most important business activities. Please let us help you find and establish your ideal Japanese partnership. 

Finding New and Unique Products, Services, Technologies, and Projects from Japan 

There’s such an astounding number of products and services that can only be found in Japan we even have a special term for them: “Galapagos” products (derived from the phenomenon of specific types of finches only being found on specific islands in the Galapagos). Many of these products would be major hits if they were brought over and sold outside of Japan. Because of this we’re actively searching out the unique and original products, services, technologies and projects you won’t find anywhere but Japan; with the intention of finding companies outside of Japan who want to sell them and working with them to bring these products over. 

If you’re a Japanese company looking to make your product available overseas, or a company looking to sell new and unique Japanese products in your home country; please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Website / App / Software Localization and Development 

We’re partnered with software and device development firm K.K. GenSouSha, which has extensive experience developing internationalized web sites, apps, and software at all levels. Their multi-lingual staff can translate and localize your site, app, or software and make or modify it to support multiple locales. They can modify and improve your existing site, app, or software or create something new for you that supports Japanese, English, and Hebrew. 

If you’re interested in making anything digital multi-lingual please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. 

If you don’t already have a website, we offer a cost-efficient and flexible tri-lingual [English / Hebrew / Japanese] package here. 

Trademark / Patent / Copyright / IP Legal services 

We’re partnered with one of the top 20 IP attorneys in Japan and have extensive experience dealing with securing and defending intellectual property in Japan. Japan is a country that strictly respects copyright and IP rights, which means that while you’re safe entering your IP into the Japanese market you also must be sure you have all of your IP registrations in order. We have extensive experience in securing trademarks, protecting copyright, and drafting parallel licenses in English and Japanese, and handling a wide variety of IP rights related issues. 

Investment Advice and Assistance 

The Japanese market offers a variety of investment opportunities, but it can appear closed off to foreign investors. Not only is there a communication barrier due to the language, there are major differences in regulations and how investments work in Japan. We have experience in a wide variety of investments in Japan and can help you identify investment opportunities and assist you in the process of setting up and establishing an investment here. Please contact us if you’re looking to find an investment opportunity in Japan. 

We also assist Japanese companies and organizations in making their investment opportunities accessible to foreign investors. We can prepare your informational materials and whitepapers in multiple languages, and can assist you in communicating with prospective investors. Please contact us today for a consolation.