Website Development

Web Site Development 

The first step to establishing your business or product in Japan or finding Japanese partners is making a Japanese web site. We can translate and convert your current site, or build a new multi-language, multi-locale site with English, Japanese, and Hebrew for you. And when we localize a site, we don’t just translate the language, we pay special attention to making layouts and templates for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages. 

Translation and Localization for an Existing Website 

Our web development partners at GenSouSha have extensive experience developing web sites, apps, and software at all levels. Our multi-lingual staff can translate and localize your existing site or software, assist in development by working with your existing development team, or develop multi-locale sites and software for you from the ground up. 

Product/Service Web Page and Printable Flier Package: The “Page + Paper” Package 

A specially built and packaged to easily be put online static page and a printable flier or pamphlet template for one of your products or services in English, Japanese, and Hebrew. Make your product information available in multiple countries or use it as an advertising tool. At only ¥200,000JPY, this package is the most cost-effective way to start finding a partner, investor, or business connection. 

Package Includes: 

  • Approximately 2 printed pages worth of text and images laid out stylishly in a static web page. 
  • The same contents as the page laid out in your choice of a 2-sided pamphlet or flier template, ready to print. 

※ At your request we will add your product page to our catalog for the purpose of searching for partners and international contracts. If you choose to add your material to our catalog, we may also actively promote your products or services when our agents travel abroad.  

Sample Data
※This sample data includes static web page data and PDF’s in 3 languages.

New Website Package: The “All 5*” Package 

* In Japanese, the number 5 is read as “Go”. 

If you don’t already have a web site or would like to create a new web site, our new site package is high quality at a low cost. We build you a completely original theme for a CMS [Content Management System] based site with 2 layouts (left-to-right & right-to-left), 3 languages (English, Japanese, and Hebrew), with 4 pages of content included, and 5 months of free hosting or interpretation services for 5 inquiries. At only ¥500,000JPY our “All Go” package is roughly a third the price of the market average for a similar setup. 

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Full CMS Based Web Site with A Completely Original Theme: We create a fully customized theme according to your specifications for a CMS [WordPress] managed web site. We provide you with all sources in an easy-to-deploy format. ※ Deployment to our own servers or to a server you specify is included in the package. 
  • 2 Native Layouts: Our sites include both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left layouts for seamless and natural looking English, Japanese, and Hebrew content and user interfaces. These layouts can also be used on any languages you choose to add later. 
  • 3 Languages: English, Japanese, and Hebrew. You provide us with the base text in any of the three languages and we translate to the other two. 
    • If you would like more than three languages, you can provide the additional translations yourself, or we can hire translators at an additional fee. Estimates will be provided for your approval before we process your order. 
    • If your pages have a lot of text or info-graphics that need translation, we may require additional translation fees. Generally, we provide translation for a total of up to 5 pages of light text and info-graphics in the package price. Very technical text or literary/poetically written text that requires specialized knowledge or extra effort for translation may also require additional fees. Estimates will be provided for your approval before we process your order. 
  • 4 Pages: 
    • A Landing/Intro page with a news-feed or blog section. 
    • A Product/Service page with individually editable and categorized products/services as well as an automatically generated menu. 
    • A business information page. ※ If you are looking to establish international business relations or find partners this page is extremely important. 
    • A location and contact page. 
  • 5 Months of Free Hosting OR Interpretation Services for 5 Inquiries: Your choice of 5 months of free web site and e-mail hosting on our servers (¥2,000JPY+tax per month of hosting after that) or interpretation services on 5 inquires. ※ For translation and interpretation services “one inquiry” means multiple messages, from the initial inquiry till the conclusion of the discussion, but does not include services like translation of documents such as contracts or brochures. 

All of this for a set price of ¥500,000JPY + Japanese Sales Tax. 

Completely Custom Site 

Want something specific? Looking for a site built on a specific platform, a non-traditional layout, or a custom page for social media? Please contact us for an estimate or a referral.